Your experience

at Cupola House Tree Farm will be appreciated as much as your tree.  It is about togetherness, joy and connecting with ancient heritage and the land.  Bringing a fresh tree into your home has been a beloved winter tradition since time immemorial for good reason.  If you’ve ever cut down your own Christmas tree you have memories of the satisfaction that comes from hunting for the “perfect” tree, shouting “timber!” then everyone making it the family Christmas tree.   Your stories like this will last like family heirlooms.

Cupola House Tree Farm makes the adventure easy and fun for you.  We keep an toasty fire going and have free hot apple cider to warm you up.  Getting your tree is simple.  If you’ve never cut down your own tree before it’s easier than you probably think, and for your convenience we also have freshly pre-cut trees available as well.  And, even onto a smaller car you can tie an average-size tree - rope is provided.  For the day kids can be farm kids and dogs can be farm dogs as you all explore amongst the trees.


Also check out our wide selection of fresh wreaths and natural gifts hand-crafted from our trees, or buy a bundle of fresh greens for your own decorating.  Get hardwood firewood here too and add to your home’s coziness with a toasty fire.

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